On-Time Appliance Offers a
1 Year Warranty On All Repairs.
Same Day Service Available

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Kenmore Appliance Repair
Carrollton Tx.


You depend on your Kenmore Appliance for everyday living. If an item in time breaks down, it can be not just a small inconvenience: it upsets your everyday living. On-Time Appliance is an Kenmore Appliance Repair provider that knows how vital it really is for you to maintain your appliances in operating order.  

If you need Kenmore Appliance Repair in the Carrollton Tx. area, we would not leave you hanging. We will answer a person's call quickly. We offer quality in-home appliance repair with reasonable prices. Each of our service professionals is going to spend the time that is required to correctly identify your Kenmore Appliance trouble and correct the item promptly so you can continue your daily business with as little interruption as is possible to your home life. Each of our specialists are very skilled, respectful, and professional.
On-Time Appliance Service treats you and your property with regard, and will offer the best Kenmore Appliance Repair service and care.



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